About Us

The wait is over. Say hello to new, fresh, juicy, hoppy, aromatic beers. We’re Offshoot Beer Co. – an offshoot, if you will, of The Bruery, and the latest extension of the Famille Rue fam.

Our wheelhouse? Hoppy beers. Think “IPA” and “Double IPA”. And other stuff that has the acronym “IPA” in the name. Pretty much any hoppy eruption that excites and tantalizes the taste buds is fair game.

Our 16-oz. cans are released in limited supply and sold in 4-packs directly from our brewery for fresh enjoyment.

Seeking Out Our Beer?

If you found this page by accident, welcome. But chances are you came with a purpose – like trying to find out how to get some cans in your hands. Step one is to join our Email List for access and information. Pay attention to the emails we send with details on upcoming sales and notification for when cans are available to you.

If you play your cards right, you may also find our small batch releases on tap at the Tasting Rooms at The Bruery and Bruery Terreux.

Learn More

Interested in our relationship to The Bruery? We blogged about it here. 

Thirsty for more? Follow our daily utterances on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as @offshootbeerco.